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Joe Staiano


I am a 27 year professional in travel and tourism, a 87+ country world explorer, tour guide, photographer, conference speaker, and do-gooder.

I believe meaningful travel can change the world!

I am so very, very lucky and blessed – not just for all my travels and for all I have – but for all the countless peoples, hearts and  smiles that have touched and continue to touch my soul. 




25+ years experience in the travel and tourism industry specializing in responsible travel, adventure travel and ecotourism.


I have been a tour guide and trip leader on adventures around the globe. And, an Expedition Leader for school groups in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.


My photography spans the world with a focus on people, places, planet, responsible travel and adventure travel.


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87+ Countries

I've been blessed to have explored 87 countries on all 7 continents. Let me showcase my knowledge and help you plan your next trip.
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Responsible Tourism Expert

Privileged to work in a field which exists at at the intersection of exploring the world, becoming transformed, benefiting people & planet, being agents for change and ambassadors for peace.

25+ years of experience

With over 25 years of experience in the tourism industry, I am knowledgeable in trip planning, tour development, emerging destinations, tour guiding and brand ambassadorship.

Photography & Blogging

My photography spans the world with a focus on people, places, planet and responsible travel and adventure travel. Lets collaborate on your next digital storytelling or photography project.




Travel Blog

I’ve Fallen For Palouse

Does your state have an official waterfall? Well, my state, Washington, does, and it is Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington 200 miles east of Seattle. On the Palouse River, its just 4 miles down form the Snake River. The falls crashes 200 feet into a dramatic canyon….

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